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Orbiloc Outdoor Dual is a Danish-made high quality LED Safety Light that ensures you are visible to others, when hiking, climbing, swimming, kayaking, diving or something completely different: in the twilight or dark.Orbiloc Outdoor Dual is visible from up to 5 kilometres and the unique lens design makes it visible from all sides (omni-directional). In addition, the Orbiloc Outdoor Dual is very lightweight and will not restrict movement.Thanks to the versatile mounts you can attach your Orbiloc Outdoor Dual to almost anything. The light can also be used as a marker light to guide you. It is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, IPX8 approved and is extremely resistant to impact, up to 100 kg. In addition it´s functional from +50°C to -40°C.In fact, we trust in the durability of our product so much that we've given it a three-year warranty.